Dust is a major problem in every city. The constant construction activity,Effective Carpet Cleaning is to Maintain Dust Free Carpeting Articles tunneling, moving vehicular traffic and other day to day activities can kick up a lot of dust and not to mention pollution. All this dust particles somehow seem to find its way in to our home and they cloud our sanctuary.

Carpets are a part of your flooring, which Tineco floor one s5 pro 2 floor washer means that they get exposed to all sorts of dirt – dry, wet or somewhere in between. The most obvious tip to help keep your carpet clean is to vacuum it regularly. A weekly vacuuming – make it your Sunday morning task – keeps your carpet dust-free.

Always take your time while vacuuming – do not pass over your carpet too quickly, as the vacuum will not have the time to loosen as well as draw in the dust and dirt particles. Also, pass your vacuum cleaner along in at least two opposing directions, so that all the carpet fibres get agitated and the dirt removed from along them.

Steps do need to be taken to clean and maintain dust-free carpets to avoid these problems.

Invest In a Good Air PurifierAir purification systems are uniquely designed to capture dust particles within a space which results in cleaner air. As the air purifier sucks dust particles into its filter, it prevents them from settling into carpeted areas. There are several air purifiers on the market that claim to capture of over 99 percent of micron particles.Vacuum Your Carpet RegularlyOne way to clean dust from your carpeted areas is to regularly vacuum them. Some vacuum cleaners work better than others, and there are some that are specially designed to clean dust from the carpet and air. It is a good idea to invest in a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filterĀ Tineco or one with a filtration system which can be emptied and replaced. Vacuum cleaners which use bags do not trap dust from carpeting as well as those with more advance filtration systems.Dust Your Furniture At Least Once a WeekBe sure to dust all of the furniture in your carpeted rooms at least once a week. Do not use feather dusters, as they only shake the dust into the air which will later transfer to the carpet and furniture. For most furniture, you can use a damp cloth or even something such as a Swiffer duster which traps and locks dust into its fibers to prevent it from redistributing within the room.Keep Window Treatments Clean and Dust-FreeIt is important to also dust blinds with a wet cloth on a regular basis. This is an area that is often ignored, but it is one of the areas which collects the most dust within a room. When the dust accumulates, it can fall into the carpeting. Curtains should either be vacuumed with a special attachment or taken down and washed regularly to remove dust build-up as well.

Have Your Carpet Cleaned Professionally Every Three To Six MonthsNot only will professional carpet cleaning preserve your carpet for years to come and keep it looking great, but it is also a way to remove excess dust from your carpet, too. For high-traffic carpeted areas, professional steam cleaning is recommended every three months. For areas with less traffic, every six months should be enough to help you keep your carpet dust-free.For more useful ideas, check out our main page here:

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